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Surfing Walk of Fame
Guy 'Grundy' Spagnoli 2011
Hole in the Wall Gang Team Member Inductee,

Guy was born November 7th, 1952 and began surfing in 1964 at the Huntington Beach Pier.  Originally one of the Huntington Beach Lifeguard Surfing group, he says.  They made us wear the orange helmets whenever we surfed. He starting competing in surf contests in 1967 and won numerous trophies of surfing accomplishments in the junior division of U.S.S.A (United States Surfing Association) which then became the W.S.A.(Western Surfing Association) in the area. He won the Huntington Beach City (Men’s division) contest in 1971.

We worked and surfed for Walden Surfboards, Infinity Surfboards, Surfline, Wayne Brown Surfboards, Carl Hayward Surfboards, Chuck Dent Bronze Aussies Surfboards  and Gordie Surfboards.

He placed in the top 5 in numerous contests from 1972 to 1980 while traveling to Hawaii, Japan, France, Mexico, Central America, South America, Australia and Thailand. Guy joined the Hole In the Wall Gang for Gordie Surfboards in 1978.

Guy recalls that, "When the surf was flat we would turn to skateboarding to stay in shape and skateboarding was another form of surfing but on land.  We would ride the streets and hills of neighboring cities and find locations throughout Southern California that were ideal for smooth land surfing.   "I was always into going fast while surfing and skateboarding helped me find the speed lines that I needed to practice on and then bring that into the water when I surfed.  In the process of learning the ‘Speed Line’ so to say I competed in the first Downhill Skateboard Contest’ hosted by the United States Skateboard Association (USSA) on Signal Hill in Long Beach California in 1975 and was able to set the first recorded Guinness Book Land Speed Record on a skateboard at 50.2 miles per hour."

Grundy downhill
PHOTO: Guy 1977 competing at the 3rd annual Signal Hill Downhill Skateboard Championship.


Guy SpagnoliaPHOTO: Another day getting wet.

Guys collectionPHOTO: Guy with his downhill skateboard quiver's.

Guy in San Clemente
PHOTO: Guy and Michael Kakuuchi in San Clemente.

Guy Gundy in Japan
PHOTO: Guy Gundy at 0101 Professional Surfing Contest held on the island of Na Jima, Japan. Circa 1978.



Surfing Walk of Fame