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Surfing Walk of Fame
1994 Honorary Duke Kahanamoku "Father of Surfing"

Hawaii’s Duke Kahanamoku is singularly credited with popularizing surfing world-wide during the 1920’s.Springboarding off his 1912 and 1920 Olympic swimming fame, this record breaking champion brought his 10’ redwood plank with him in his many travels and drew large crowds to his “performances”.

First to challenge the North Shore’s gigantic waves with style and ease, the Duke became an inspiration to young and old who then wanted to take up surfing. Loved by all, his many credits include starting the first surf club (Oahu 1907), voted Sheriff of Honolulu 13 times, made Official Greeter for Hawaii and establishing the first world wide surfing contest (The Duke Kahanamoku Invitational). When he died in 1968 of a massive heart attack, his funeral was the biggest Hawaii had ever seen.






Surfing Walk of Fame